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How Long Do Shih Tzu Live

How Long Do Shih Tzu Live
How Long Do Shih Tzu Live

How Long Do Shih Tzu Live

Shih Tzus live for a long time, and you’re not alone if you wonder how long they can live. Their longevity makes them a popular choice for families. Chihuahuas are known for living for an average of 13 years on average. Shih Tzus are affected by a variety of factors that can affect their life expectancy.

For more information about the health problems of Shih Tzus and other information that may affect the life expectancy of a Shih Tzu, keep reading if you own a Shih Tzu and are interested in how long they will live.

How long do shih tzu dogs live

Shih Tzu dogs tend to live for about 12 to 16 years on average. Shih Tzus usually survive between 12 and 16 years. It is common for Shih Tzus to live into their teens and they are classified as elderly between the ages of 9 and 10.

How long do shih tzu dogs live
how long do Shih Tzu bichons live, how long do Shih Tzu bichon live

The desire to keep a best friend as long as possible is a natural one, no matter whether you intend to get one or have already got one. Until Smokey, a dog in St. Petersburg, Florida, was found to have been the oldest Shih Tzu ever found. This Shih Tzu lived in St. Petersburg for 23 years before passing away.

What is good news is that you can keep your Shih Tzu healthy and happy for many years to come by making a few simple lifestyle changes today. The effects of genetics and accidents can shorten a Shih Tzu’s life, but fortunately, there are things you can do today to increase its longevity.

How long do Shih Tzu with conformational defects live?

Overheating and breathing difficulties can occur in Shih Tzus with short muzzles. Although they are small, they may still suffer from these issues.

How long do Shih Tzu with conformational defects live?
how long do Shih Tzu mix live

It is possible that Shih Tzu may not be able to tolerate a great deal of exercise, especially on a hot day. Horse owners should pay attention to signs of overheating and not leave their horses alone in the heat for too long. The heat could also cause respiratory problems in horses.

Shih Tzus are also susceptible to patellar luxation, which is common with small breeds. Usually, dogs with this condition dislocate their kneecaps. These dogs also present with dental problems, which affect their small mouths.

Thyroid hyperthyroidism

When hypothyroidism strikes, Shih Tzu dogs don’t produce enough hormones. The resultant low levels of thyroid hormone can significantly harm the dog’s metabolism and organs. A veterinarian can diagnose hypothyroidism and prescribe treatment.

Diarrhea of the kidneys

The disease is a genetic condition that affects young people. Children with this condition have difficulties developing their kidneys normally. Most often, the condition affects an entire litter of puppies at once. It is, unfortunately, fatal for the majority of dogs.

The hip is displaced

An individual with hip dysplasia will not develop a properly developed hip socket. Eventually, the person may develop pain and arthritis due to the condition. Diagnosing and treating hip dysplasia in Shih Tzus can be done by your veterinarian.

A liver disorder

Shih Tzus run the risk of having a liver condition called a liver shunt. A liver shunt relates to a reduced supply of blood to the liver. This problem is present from birth to the Shih Tzu population.

Those with liver shunts do not grow normally, and they are weaker and smaller than other Shih Tzus of the same age. If you suspect your Shih Tzu has a liver shunt, consult your veterinarian.

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how long do Shih Tzu live for

Illnesses of the ears

An infection of the ears is common in Shih Tzus. They should be kept clean to prevent contamination. Veterinarians should be consulted whenever a dog exhibits signs of itching or redness.

Allergic to certain things

It is possible for Shih Tzus to suffer from several types of allergies. A veterinarian can determine if your dog has allergies and how to treat them. A veterinarian can help you determine if your dog is allergic to something and how to treat it.

Various eye diseases

The eyes of Shih Tzus are vulnerable to injury. The dogs are also susceptible to eye diseases. The dog might develop dry eyes if it does not produce enough tears. Those with dry eyes may develop ulcers or become blind if they are not treated.

There will be a lot of discharge around the eyes of dry-eyed Shih Tzu. They can be treated with eye drops prescribed by a veterinarian. A common eye condition affecting Shih Tzu dogs is distichiasis. Extra eyelashes appear in these dogs. A dog can experience this in many different ways, from not noticing anything at all to being incredibly irritating or even harmful.

Depending on the severity of the condition, a veterinarian will determine how to proceed. The large eyes of Shih Tzus also expose them to developing oral ulcers as they are more prone to them. A Shih Tzu will be sensitive to light, squint a great deal, and have red eyes for this reason.

A blind person can result from this. However, if it is caught early, a veterinarian can treat it. Shih Tzus may also develop cataracts over time. This occurs because they have too much protein in their lenses. This leaves their pupils looking cloudy or white.

With cataracts developing, the dog’s vision in that eye will gradually decrease. Veterinary professionals can help detect and treat cataracts at an early stage before they become severe.

How long do shih tzu poodles live – How to Increase Shih Tzu Lifespan

A range of actions can be taken by pet owners to make sure that their dogs live long, healthy lives. Whenever you adopt a dog from a breeder, you should find out about the dog’s medical history before you take him home. You should ask the breeder for more information. You should always ask for the vet records of the parents and puppy when purchasing a puppy or dog.

How long do shih tzu poodles live – How to Increase Shih Tzu Lifespan
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Occasionally, breeders disregard the health of their parents or breed them knowing that they will have health problems.

Adopting a dog rescued from a shelter, you shouldn’t know their history. Considering the information we have, this is impossible, so we can only give it our best shot with the information we have.

If you have a rescue dog, you should have it checked for some common health issues. Here are a few suggestions. You will live a longer life if you regularly take him to the veterinarian. It is important to keep your dog’s vaccinations current and to take them in for regular checkups to keep them in good health.

Changing behavior could indicate underlying health concerns. It is also a good idea to keep an eye on your dog. Consult your veterinarian immediately if you see any changes in your dog. Preventative medicine is better than cure.

Shih Tzus tend to have difficulties breathing and overheat easily, so keep an eye out for these factors as well. Don’t let your dog remain out in the hot weather for too long so that they don’t become breathless.

In conclusion, to prolong a Shih Tzu’s lifespan, it is vital to provide it with its daily needs. Feeding and exercising them properly, brushing them daily, and loving them are very important to them.

FAQ Related How Long Do Shih Tzu Live

Can a Shih Tzu live 20 years?

A Shih Tzu dog has an average lifespan of around 13 years and is known for its longevity. Despite a number of factors contributing to their long life, they can live up to 16 or more years.

How long does indoor Shih Tzus live?

The Shih Tzu lives an average of ten to sixteen years. This is about 13 years. But exceptions do occur from time to time. It’s not uncommon for Shih Tzus to live well into their teens and some even well into their mid-teens.

What is the longest a Shih Tzu can live?

It is thought that Shih Tzus originated in Tibet where they were popular with monks and royalty. In modern times, Shih Tzus can live up to 16 years old, which is a long time for a dog. Shih Tzu Smokey lived to be 28 and was an 18-year-old dog from St. Petersburg, FL.


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