How to Plan for a Holiday as a Dog Owner

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How to Plan for a Holiday as a Dog Owner


Having a furry companion can bring you a lot of happiness, and your animal friend can soon become one of your best friends.

While having your dog by your side every day is a wonderful feeling, when you reach the time of year when you’re ready to go on a holiday, deciding what to do with your little friend can be a bit of a challenge.

While some journeys and trips might be suitable for your pet to tag along, others aren’t, so here are four useful tips to help you plan for your next holiday as a dog owner.

Can a Friend or Relative Look After Them?

If the journey you’re making for your holiday is going to be too far for your dog to endure, you will need to leave them at home. While traveling isn’t always an issue for animals, long journeys can be uncomfortable and even distressing, which is why leaving them in a space where they are happy is often the better option.

If you do have a trusted relative or friend living nearby, perhaps ask them if they would be willing to look after your dog while you’re away. They could pop in to feed them and play with them for a little while, or you could drop your dog at their house if they are happy for them to stay.

Boarding at the Vet

If you don’t have a friend/relative who is willing or able to care for your dog in your absence, then another option to explore is boarding at your vet clinic or another facility designed for this. This will come with an additional expense, so always check what the daily rates are before you book your dog’s stay.

You should also go to inspect the boarding facility beforehand as well to make sure that you are satisfied with the standard of care your pet will receive during their stay.

Find Luxury Dog-friendly Accommodation

If your getaway isn’t too far for your pet to travel, then another option to explore is finding dog-friendly accommodation for your trip. This can be ideal if you want to spend your holiday time with your pet, especially if they are a support/therapy dog. A great example of some pet friendly lodges in Scotland is The Hollies Retreats luxury lodges in Scotland. Not only are these lodges in a blissful setting, but they also come with hot tubs and beautiful interiors that you can unwind in.

Pet Passports and Vaccinations

If you do choose to take your dog abroad with you, you will need to make sure you have the correct documentation before you take them across the borders. You can get pet passports before you travel, but make sure you apply for these in advance to allow for plenty of time to get your dog’s passport sent to you. You should also research which vaccinations your dog will need to have to enter your destination country.

If you are a dog owner who needs a holiday, remember these tips to help you plan for your dog’s care or whether or not they are coming away with you.




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