Why does a dog eat chicken manure?

While there are several reasons why dogs eat chicken manure, the main one is that they simply enjoy the taste. Other possible factors are a lack of B vitamins in their diet, an attempt to hide their tracks from predators, and a coping mechanism for separation anxiety and attention.

If you have chickens and a dog, you may have noticed this “unpleasant” behaviour. While pets can have many disgusting habits, litter eating is definitely one of the most disgusting!

You may find that the dog “cleans up” after the chickens when you look away. While there are many reasons why animals love to eat chicken poop (more on that below), that doesn’t make it any less disgusting.

You may also be concerned about your dog’s health. Litter is not food, so eating it comes with some health risks. It may contain harmful bacteria such as salmonella.

  • Canine coprophagia
  • diet
  • Trying to hide traces
  • Psychological problems
  • Trying to get attention
  • A matter of taste
  • How to stop a dog from eat chicken manure?

1. Canine coprophagia

If your dog eats chicken manure, there is a high chance that he will also eat the feces of other animals. Depending on what she has access to, she may eat horse dung or her own feces.

This is absolutely repulsive to humans, but very normal behavior for pets. The reason for this behavior is rooted in the past and is a combination of psychology and physiology.

eat chicken manure
eat chicken manure

Your pet sees nothing wrong with eating feces. In fact, he may view it as positive behavior. As part of their training, puppies (who also use their sense of taste to explore the world around them) often eat it.

If a pet continues to eat feces into adulthood, other potential causes of coprophagia should be considered.

2. Diet

A dog may eat litter because it is not getting enough nutrients, such as B vitamins or enough protein , through regular food.

Undigested proteins are present in many forms of stool, so a dog can sniff it out and eat it to fill in nutritional gaps.

3. Trying to hide traces

Dogs also eat feces for a deeper, more primal reason. In the wild, they do this to cover their tracks. If another pack member is sick or leaves their feces out in the open, their scent may attract predators.

4. Psychological problems

Another potential cause of canine coprophagia has to do with a deeper psychological issue. A pet can have severe anxiety, and eating feces is one way to overcome it.

5. Trying to get attention

Dogs are always looking for attention from their owners. They look up to hosts and want the social connection that comes from interaction.

If you pay attention to your pet only when he does something bad, this will lead to the construction of a logical chain. The animal understands that this can attract its owner to itself.

Make sure you give your pet enough attention. Take him for walks and play with him so he doesn’t think he has to eat poop when he wants attention!

Why does a dog eat chicken manure?

6. A matter of taste

Your dog may eat chicken manure simply because they like the taste. Oddly enough, this is the most likely reason why she does it.

How to stop a dog from eat chicken manure?

Fortunately, there is a solution for every reason for this behavior. Some of the methods require more effort and time than others, but if you are patient, chances are you can curb your pet’s coprophagia.

  1. Teams. The most effective way to stop your pet from eating feces is through rigorous training. You must teach him the “leave” and “quit” commands.
  2. Spoil the taste. Next to the place where chicken feces usually remain, you can spread hot peppers and lemons – the dog will not like them.
  3. Timely cleaning. Clean the coop regularly to remove all faeces. Regular cleaning is also required.
  4. Help the dog spend energy. Perhaps she eats chicken manure to vent her energy or because she is bored. If so, help her: walk more and play.

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