5 Popular Mixed Dog Breeds For Families

5 Popular Mixed Dog Breeds For Families

Dogs can be a huge part of the family, and bring a great deal of affection into your life.

It’s important to find a breed that is right for you and all members of your home before deciding what type of dog you want to adopt. 

Whether you need a dog that is hypoallergenic, comfortable around small children, or happy to go with the flow, a mixed breed could provide a range of positive characteristics that make them the perfect match for you. 

The mixed breeds are more affordable than purebred puppies, and they are also very popular among people who are looking for an easy-going pet. Consider the following mixed dogs for you and your family.


Don’t let their adorable face trick you, pomskies are full of energy, which makes them very playful pups. They are mixed between a Siberian husky, and a Pomeranian.

These loyal creatures are great for single person households, or families with children who are physically active.  

The main thing to be aware of when considering a pomsky is that they have incredibly thick coats. While this is an entirely normal part of their heritage, you will need to get a pomsky groomed regularly. 

Because of this, we would not recommend a pomsky to someone who suffers from severe allergies, as their coat needs to be maintained in order to avoid excessive malting.

Check out Designer Dog for more information about different types of mixed breeds and the kind of family that they would be the best fit for.

Mastiff Mix

For those that want a dog that will also provide security, a mastiff mix could be for you. By nature, they are incredibly large dogs.

Their personalities can vary greatly, depending on the specific breed that the mastiff is mixed with. 

Mastiff mixes can be incredibly affectionate and easy to train, too. Because of this, they are perfect for most households. Additionally, they are very easy to groom in comparison to the pomsky, for example. Mastiff mixes are kind, affectionate, and extremely huggable.


If you want a family pet to bring on long hikes and adventures, then a goldendoodle will happily oblige! They are excellent swimmers, and will not have any issue playing with children for hours. 

Goldendoodles love affection and pets, and are adorable combinations of golden retrievers and poodles. This means that they don’t malt, most of the time, unless you are brushing them. They will therefore need regular grooming when their coat gets too long. 

These gentle creatures are easy to train once they are settled within your home. They love being part of the family, and want to be involved when you have plans. Goldendoodles could be a perfect adventure buddy because of this.


For a smaller family dog that will love you as much as a larger dog, a chug is a mix between a chihuahua and a pug. Although they are considered to be too small and delicate for active families when they are puppies, chugs love to be near to their humans. 

They have an interesting shaped face that will make them stand out when you are walking them.

A chug would be a great family pet if you work from home frequently, or if you have a job that you can bring your dog to.


A schnoodle is a highly intelligent mix that loves to play, and are very easy to train. This is because the breeds that they come from are both incredibly intelligent; the poodle and schnauzer. Because of this, however, the schnoodle can easily develop bad habits. 

Make sure that you are using positive reinforcement to encourage positive behavior as early as possible with a schnoodle.

They can also become bored over time, so this mix isn’t recommended for people who work long hours out of the house. 

With that being said, schnoodles make great companions when they are introduced to the appropriate home. They are charming creatures that vary in size, depending on the type of poodle that they have been bred from.


There are so many interesting combinations of dog breeds out there, that it can be challenging to figure out what mix would be the best fit for you and your family.

Remember to think about your needs and lifestyle before making this decision. 

It’s important that you are finding the right dog for your household, so that they are getting the best start in life. Add a mixed dog breed to your life for an affectionate companion. 


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