5 Ways To Care For Golden Retrievers

5 Ways To Care For Golden Retrieve

Owning a golden retriever is an incredibly rewarding experience. They are highly affectionate animals that love attention and being part of the family.

If you are considering a golden retriever for your next dog, or if you want to get them settled into your home, it is important to care for your golden retrievers correctly. 

Like all dog breeds, golden retrievers have their own preferences and behaviors. Consider the following tips that can help you care for your golden retriever. For more detail, check out the latest Golden Retriever News.

5 Ways To Care For Golden Retrieve
5 Ways To Care For Golden Retrieve

Feed Them Well

Firstly, it is important to feed your golden retriever correctly. As a breed, they are more prone to developing skin problems, allergies, and weight problems. Because of this, careful consideration is needed to ensure that your golden retriever is being fed correctly. 

Choosing the right food can allow them to be protected from certain health issues and ailments which are more common in golden retrievers. Obesity is a common problem in golden retrievers because they are very food-oriented. 

Make sure you are finding the right food for them, based on their age, activity level, and other health conditions. It is also important to feed your golden retriever the recommended amount on a regular basis for their age range.

If you are concerned about your golden retriever’s weight, then it is worth asking your vet for advice. 

Set Boundaries

While it is important to give your golden retriever plenty of physical affection and attention in general, it is just as crucial that they know where they can go when they need to rest. Because they are classified as large dogs, it is worth taking careful consideration when deciding where you can create this space for them within your home. 

This can be a crate or bed in a quiet corner of your home, that your golden retriever can go to when they are being chased by a toddler, a cat, or another dog.

Similarly, you will need to set boundaries with your golden retriever. This includes food, setting rules or habits, and getting used to being alone in your home when necessary. 

Take Them Swimming

Golden retrievers are great swimmers, and they love being in the water! Most of them will seek out a water source on a long walk and jump into a lake or river. This can be ideal during the warmer months when you want to cool them off, because you can simply play fetch in a creek or stream. 

Because golden retrievers are excellent swimmers, it can also be fun to go swimming with them. Head to the nearest lake on a hot day and enjoy taking a dip with your canine companion. They are sure to love it, although some have been known to “save” their owners from the water and force them to get out! 

Check Their Ears And Clean them When Needed

Like other breeds that have long, floppy ears, golden retrievers are more prone to infections and painful wax buildup in their ears. Because of this, it is essential that you are regularly checking the inside of their ears in order to look for any built-up wax, trapped dirt, or signs of infection. 

The easiest way to notice infections in the ears of a dog with floppy ears is by smelling them. An unpleasant smell can be a sign of something more serious, and it is worth contacting the vet.

Keeping your golden retrievers’ ears clean should be done to prevent infections and harmful bacteria from becoming problematic.

Consider asking your vet for tips on cleaning their ears, and ensure that you are not causing any harm in the process. 

Socialize Them

Golden retrievers are incredibly affectionate creatures, and they love meeting new people and other dogs on walks. Getting golden retriever puppies used to this should not be a challenge, because the breed are highly social in nature.

Your golden retriever is far more likely to thrive when they are allowed to socialize from an early age. 


Golden retrievers are charming breeds that can make them the perfect companion for a range of individuals. They love being close to their owners, swimming, and meeting new people.

Like any other breed, it is important to consider the individual needs of a golden retriever in order to provide the best possible care for them. If you have any concerns about their health, then it is worth speaking with your vet. 

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