Which Breed of Dog Is Right for You?

Which Breed of Dog Is Right for You?

Do you want to get a dog but are not even sure how to start looking for one? You are not alone. With so many breeds, sizes, and demeanors, it can be hard to narrow down to one breed if you do not know what you are looking for.

Which Breed of Dog Is Right for You
Which Breed of Dog Is Right for You

Read on to discover how to find the breed of dog that is right for you. 

The Factors to Consider 

Before you start researching the different types of dog breeds, you have to know what you are looking for. There are over one hundred dog breeds that all come with their own pros and cons, making it pretty overwhelming to choose. So, here are a few factors you will want to consider. 


Size is critical when considering which breed of dog you should get. This can come down to personal preference or physical restraints. For example, if you have a small apartment with no dog park in sight, you should get a small dog. 

Coat and Grooming 

There is no secret that dogs can take up your time. However, some dogs take up more than others. Many dogs have thick, curly coats that require daily grooming to keep at bay. If you do not have this kind of time, other breeds are less needy in this department. 

Breed Intelligence 

Intelligence heavily affects how you and your dog interact. For starters, intelligent breeds are easier to train and cause fewer headaches in the beginning. However, they can be devious too. So, be sure to pay attention to intelligence while researching dogs. 

Health Statistics 

Health statistics is a big one. Many dog breeds have genetic health issues that could cost you more than you can afford. While you should always have dog insurance, you may want a dog breed that won’t need it as much. 

Energy Level 

All dog breeds come with different energy levels. Some dogs, like Australian Shepherds, need to be outside, running around and exerting energy. If you are older or cannot give this to them for any reason, you should consider a breed that requires less physical activity. 


For the most part, big dogs have a shorter lifespan than medium dogs, and medium dogs have a shorter lifespan than small dogs. You should consider the average life of the breed you want and determine if it works for you. 

Interactions with People and Other Animals 

Some dogs are very territorial with people and other animals. This could be problematic if you consistently host parties, invite new guests over to your house, or have any other animals. 


Along with the territorial aspect, some dogs are not protective of their owners, while others are incredibly protective. This can be both good and bad at different times. It all comes to personal preference and need.

What are the Deal Breakers? 

There are many factors to consider, and the ones above are just a few. It could be nearly impossible to find a dog breed that fits all your preferences and desires. So, you should take the list above, combine it with your desires, and discern which elements are deal breakers and which are not. 

5 of the Best Dog Breeds 

Now that you know what to look for and have your deal breakers locked and loaded, it is time to start looking at dog breeds. There are over one hundred breeds to choose from. So, instead of covering all of them, here are five of the best dog breeds in America. 

The Lab 

The lab has been the number one dog breed for several decades for a good reason. It is gentle, loves to please its owners, and always has fun. It is no wonder that so many families get this kind of dog. 

Golden Retriever 

The lab’s cousin, the golden retriever, has been a dog fan favorite for many years. It is highly trainable, fun-loving, friendly, and always a great cuddle companion. It is the perfect, medium-sized family-friendly dog. 


Do you or your loved ones have allergies? Poodles are cute, cuddly, and hypoallergenic. They come big and small or mixed with other breeds like the golden retriever to get the best of both worlds. I mean, who doesn’t love a golden doodle? 

French Bulldog 

If you live in a smaller place and need a small, low-maintenance dog, look no further than the french bulldog. This smiling, dopey little ball of fun is always in a good mood and ready to play or cuddle. 

German Shepherd 

Do you want a regal dog ready to protect you at all costs? The German Shepherd may be what you need. These loving dogs have been helping police officers fight crime for years, but don’t let their tough demeanor fool you. They are softies for the ones they love. 

The Bottom Line  

Dog shopping is fun once you know what you’re looking for. There are so many great breeds out there, you just have to determine your deal breakers and find the one that fits your list the best. So, happy shopping and enjoy your new best companion! 

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