7 Best Shock Collar for Great Dane 2022 

A dog who barks excessively could also suffer from anxiety, which is not uncommon among large breeds

The Great Danes are magnificent dogs. Their size ensures they are always going to stick out in the crowd. Usually, they seem calm; however, occasionally, they start to misbehave, and due to their size, it might become difficult to handle them. That is where we need the best shock collar for Great Dane to handle and train them.

Electronic collars (shock collars) are also called E collars, which are not well-known for their reputation because of people’s misunderstandings of the technology. They employ digital stimulation and mean no physical harm to the dog, so they’re safe for dogs. Best shock collars don’t require any pulling as they use electronic stimulation instead of physical force.

These collars will help you to train your dogs professionally. Training plays an important role in their overall gentility and obedience. A dog trained to attack without warning could hurt you and others.

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Types of Training Collars

While there are many types of training collars, I will only be covering those most commonly used in Great Dane training.

Also, keep in mind that a Great Dane training collar is not meant to replace their flat collar. Flat collars are still extremely useful for holding identification tags or making your Dane more stylish!

7 Best Shock Collar for Great Dane 2022

Pet Union PT0Z1...imagePet Union PT0Z1 Training Shock Collar for Dogs
SportDOG Brand 425...imageSportDOG Brand 425 Remote Trainers
Petrainer PET998DRB2 Dog...imagePetrainer PET998DRB2 Dog Training Collar
Educator E-Collar Humane...imageEducator E-Collar Humane Dog Training Collar
IPETS PET618 Dog Shock Collar 2600ft
PetSafe Big Dog Remote Training Collar

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1: SportDOG Brand 425X (Best Shock Collar for Great Dane)

Top Product

Product Image 1:

If you use this shock collar for training your dog, you’ll be able to see the 500-foot-long range. You don’t need to buy any additional remotes for your dog because you can train them all at once with this shock collar. Inside it, you can choose from different training modes to change the great Dane’s barking and aggressive behavior. It is an adjustable collar, which means you can train other dog breed dogs along with Great Dane.

Durable and Waterproof Shock Collar

If you want to train your great dane in a rainy environment, then you don’t need to worry more by buying this shock collar. This shock collar for great Danes is made of durable and waterproof materials.

On top of it, you’ll be able to see the Realt­ee Max-5 camouflage pattern that will protect it from damage. It has been manufactured with DryTek Technology and also comes with a Submersible feature of up 25 feet.

Rechargeable battery and three training modes

You can train up to three dogs at once by using the 3 modes on this shock collar that is vibrating, toning, and static stimulation. You can start training by using the vibration and beep mode that proves to be perfect for basic training.

If the vibration and beeping aren’t working for you, then you can also use the electric shocks that come with the 21 levels. Inside, you can see the rechargeable battery you can charge and use to train your dog, but according to one user’s 1-day battery, it might disappoint you.

If your dog wants to play outside water or you want to teach your dog to play outside during the rainy season, then we recommend you to buy the SportDOG brand 425X shock collar.

  • Comes with Long Range 500 Yards
  • 3 Modes for Training
  • Waterproof Shock Collar
  • Excellent Design and Easy to Use
  • Manufactured with DryTek Technology
  • Train 3 Dogs with the Same Remote
  • Comes with Rechargeable Battery
  • Designed with Durable Materials


  • Battery Life is Only 1 Day
  • Tone and Vibration is Not Noticeable

2: Pet Union PT0Z1 (Best Training Collar for Great Dane)

Collar With 4 Mode

  • Inside Pet Union PT0Z1 shock collar
  • LCD Remote with Adjustable Shock and 4 Modes
  • Long Lasting Battery Life
  • For All Dogs 10 LBS & Up-

Great Danes come in different sizes of necks. They range from small to large. With this shock collar, you’ll be able to adjust it so that it fits perfectly on the dog’s neck. Because of the adjustable feature, this collar is very comfortable for your Great Dane dog, and your dog doesn’t feel any distraction during training

Four Training Modes

You don’t need to worry more by buying this shock collar as inside you get to see the 4 different modes you can use for training. The first mode is beep mode, which allows you to give your dog audible commands and warnings. Also, inside, there’s a backlight that will let you train your dog at night.

The vibration mode of this shock collar comes in 1-100 levels that let you correct the barking and disobedience behavior of the dogs. Finally, you can use the static shock in emergency situations to correct the dog‘s behavior, but it won’t be recommended if you provide regular positive behavioral training.

Long-Lasting Battery and Easy to Pair


Both the shock collar and remote dog training device contain a long-lasting battery that makes them very effective for dog training. Your great Dane dog doesn’t feel distracted by anything and responds to all of your commands effectively. You don’t need to worry about pairing the device as both the remote control (which you already own) and receiver (which you will receive) are already paired when you buy it.


According to our recommendation, your dog needs Pet Union PT0z1 dog shock collar to prove to be perfect because of the four training modes.



  • Best Shock Collar for All Types of Training
  • Comes with Different Modes
  • Shock Collar with Long-Lasting Battery Life
  • Offers 100 Levels of Customization
  • Excellent Auto Power Protect Mode
  • Backlight Design for Both Day and Night Use
  • Available at Reasonable Price


  • Module Case Plastic Not Durable
  • Dog Chew the Plastic Sometimes

3: Petrainer Collar (Best Collar for Great Dane)

Collar Wit Ft Range

  • Between the 0-100 levels of vibration, static, and standard tone, you can rest assure that your pet can be trained.
  • Educate your dog with confidence by applying adjustable attention
  • Waterproof collar: Petrainers E-collar is 100% waterproof, so your pet can always enjoy the water.
  • Adjustable for all size d

Expert Control with 3 Training Modes

It is the best collar for large dogs under $50 used by professional dog trainers and owners. It is a quick fix for dog training, and will effectively change the dog’s bad behavior.

Inside, you get three training modes: vibration (which makes the dog jump), beeping (which makes the dog bark), and static shock (which makes the dog yelp). You can use them according to circumstances. You can adjust these three modes to suit your dog’s needs and correct his/her bad behavior.

Long Range Shock Collar with Rechargeable Battery

If you use this shock collar for training your dog, you’ll be able to see its range up to 300 yards. You can train efficiently in the backyard or the park because it provides you with a strong connection. Inside you’ll find the rechargeable battery that ensures your dog will train effectively. The wireless technology used in both the transmitter and receiver allows you to train your dog easily and reliably, so you don’t need to worry about distractions.

100% Waterproof and Adjustable Collar

It is the adjustable dog shock collar for great danes, and it perfectly fits the neck of any type of dog. The range of this dog shock collar is 14- 25 inches which proves to be perfect for small dogs, medium sized dogs, and large dogs. You can train your dogs in the rainy season, but they will enjoy the rain because it is the waterproof training collar for Great Dane.

If your budget is low and you’re looking for a high- quality shock collar for a Great Dane with multiple features, then Petrainer’s shock collar is perfect.


  • 100% Waterproof Shock Collar
  • Offers 100 Levels of Shock, Beep, and Vibration
  • Adjustable Collar for All Dogs and Great Dane
  • Excellent Rechargeable Battery
  • Long Range Up to 300 Yards
  • Quick Solution for Dog’s Bad Behavior
  • Available at Reasonable Price


  • Power Saving Mode is Not Reliable
  • Maybe Not Fully Waterproof

4: Educator Training Dog Shock Collar for Great Dane

Editor’s Choice


  • One dog system with 1/2 mile range
  • Small receiver (2 x 1.5, 2.4 oz.) for dogs 5 pounds and larger
  • Delivers a tapping sensation similar to vibration, but more intense, making it an effective addition to the stimulation
  • User-selectable stimulation levels from 1 to 100 with additional boost stimulus selectable from 1 to 60
  • Biothane collar: 3/4 x 30
  • Lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries with dual charger; 2-hour full charge

Long range and best for different breeds of dogs

The set of the transmitters and receivers is perfect for one dog. You cannot train your dog with them over long distances. You get the tiny transmitter with the shock collar perfectly fit for your dog’s neck weighing 5 pounds and is more noticeable.

The unique feature of the shock collar is that inside you get to see the contacts, and it is perfect if you have long hair, medium hair or short hair dogs.

Vibration and Selectable Stimulation

Inside this shock collar you get the tappin’ sensation that is very similar to the vibration, and it works out very well for great dane dog trainers. The tapping sensation is stronger making it more effective.

The unique feature of the shock collar that makes it stand out from others is that inside you get to see the range of the shock. You can adjust the shock level to suit your needs, and you get the boost stimulus from 1 to 60.

Mini Transmitter with Ergonomic Stopwatch

With this shock collar, you get a transmitter that is designed with an ergonomic and minuscule design and fits even small hands. Furthermore, the stopwatch that comes with the transmitter proves to be useful for training sessions. It measures 2.64 inches in diameter by 1.29 inches thick, and it’s well suited for smaller hands.

Our Recommendation: 

If you want to train your dog by using sessions, we recommend you to buy an educator shock collar for great danes. It comes with the ergonomic time

  • Ergonomic Mini Transmitter
  • Comes with the Stopwatch
  • Perfect and Well-Suited for Small Hands
  • Best Collar for Long Hairs and Short Hair Dogs
  • Offers Selectable Stimulation Levels
  • Vibration Sensation and Shock Training Modes
  • Easy to Pair and Excellent Long Range
  • Waterproof Shock Collar


  • Not Durable Materials
  • Too Complicated for Typical Use

5: IPETS PET619S Best E Collar for Great Dane

Long Range Shock Collar


  • 2600ft Remote Training
  • Waterproof & Rechargeable
  • Intuitive Design Layout

Check Price

It is a 100 percent waterproof training shock collar that allows you to train your dog at a distance of up to 900 feet. Inside, you get a beeping, vibrating, and electric shock mode that you can use to train your dog.

Easy to Use and Incredible Design

It’s easy and convenient design effectively changes between different training modes because you have the different buttons at the top of this shock collar.

The excellent design of this shock collar allows for faster correction than pressing multiple buttons. Along with a fantastic look, this shock collar is easy to use as it comes with different levels of intensity from 1 to 100. You can adjust the sound, vibration, and electric shocks as per your dog‘s needs.

Long Range Rechargeable Shock Collar

The remote control and the receiver offer an extended range up to 220 yards, which is specially designed by keeping the RF434MHz technology in mind. You can easily train your dog inside the parks and backyards using the shock collar, because you can see the long rechargeable batteries.

This shock collar will save your time as you can charge both the transmitter and receiver at the same time without any hesitation.

Three Training Modes and 100% Waterproof

If you don’t want to hurt your great Dane dog, the shock collar is perfect for him as he gets the three training modes: vibration, sound, and shock.

You can also start training using vibration and beeping modes so it is a high probability that you will succeed at changing your dog’s behaviors. Another great thing that sets it apart from other dog shock collars is that it is a completely waterproof shock collar, and it doesn’t need to be trained in the rain.

Our Recommendation: 

It is the best budget shock collar for great Dane that meets all your needs. After using it, you get a tremendous change in the dog’s behavior.


  • Excellent, Incredible, and Unique Design
  • Long Range Shock Collar Up to 220 Yards
  • 100% Waterproof Transmitter and Receiver
  • Offers 1 Year Warranty
  • Comes with Rechargeable Battery
  • Easy to Use with 1 to 100 Stimulation Levels
  • Reasonably Priced


  • Remote Control Comes with Awful Connectivity
  • Terrible Customer Support

6: WOPET Training Collar for Great Dane

Special Features:

The most outstanding feature of these shock collars for Great Danes is that it is available at a very reasonable price. Inside, you get a 1500-foot range and it is perfectly suited for small, medium, or large dogs.

You also get 3 channel support, but you can’t train 3 dogs simultaneously with 3 training modes.## Output

Three Channel Control and Training Modes

The 3-channel training you get inside the shock collar proves beneficial if you want your dog to learn different commands. The remote control that lets you see inside the crate allows you to train great Dane and other dogs at the same time.

The 3 training modes of this shock collar, known as tone, vibration, and static shock with adjustable levels, are perfect for effective dog training.

Long-Lasting Battery and Long Range

In terms of this shock collar range, you can train your great dane dog with a range of 500 yards. This long-range is very effective if you want to train your dog indoors and outdoor. You don’t need to worry more by having this shock collar, as it comes with long-lasting battery life.

The excellent feature of this shock collar is that once you fully charge it, you can continuously use it for 15 days. Also, you can charge it within 2 hours as inside, you get to see the Rechargeable Li-ion batteries.

Adjustable and Waterproof Shock Collar

In addition, this shock collar will perfectly fit the dogs that come with neck sizes of 5 to 22 inches and weigh 8 pounds or larger.

It has been specially designed with IP67 waterproof technology, so it means you can train your dog indoors even during the rainy season. With their adjustable feature, these shock collars are best for Great Danes and proves to be perfect for all types of dog breeds

Our Recommendation: 

It is a very affordable dog shock collar for great Dane, and we highly recommend it if you don’ t have the budget.


  • Long-Range Up to 500 Yards
  • Excellent Long-Lasting Battery
  • Waterproof Shock Collar
  • Comes with Different Contact Points
  • Perfectly Fit on All Size of Dog’s Neck
  • Very Reasonably Priced
  • 3 Channel Control
  • Excellent 3 Training Modes


  • Sometimes Shock Won’t Work
  • Not Very Strong

7: PetSafe Adventure Best Collar for Great Dane

Big Dog Collar


  • 100 YARD RANGE – great for indoors and smaller outdoor spaces
  • BOOST BUTTON – for situations where you need your pet to stop now
  • WATERPROOF COLLAR – for all of your dogs outdoor activities

Adjustable Collar with Long Range

It is the best dog shock collar for Great Danes and other dog breeds with varying neck sizes. It is perfect for dogs weighing between 8 pounds and 28 inches in length.

Another great thing that sets it apart from other shock collars is its 800-yard range. With this long-range dog shock collar, it is flexible enough to use it during hikes and training.

Two Training Modes and 3 Channel Control

Another excellent feature of the shock collar is that you don’t need to buy any additional receivers for training multiple dogs.

Inside, you get two training modes: beeping and static shock. These two modes are adjustable so they perfectly match your dog’s needs. However, the thing you may be disappointed by when comparing it to other dog shock collars is that there are only two training modes.

Waterproof Shock Collar with Rechargeable Batteries

It is the best dog shock collar for outdoor activities because it has waterproof technology. So, if your dog wants a fun time playing in the water or rain, then this shock collar is perfect for him.

Inside you get to see the rechargeable and replaceable batteries too. So, you can use it without any hesitation and after some time you can replace the batteries and train your dog effectively too.

Our Recommendation: If you have multiple dogs, the PetSafe shock collar is perfect for you as you can use it to train great dane and other dogs simultaneously.


  • Best Shock Collar for Indoor and Outdoor Training
  • Long-Range 800 Yards
  • Waterproof Shock Collar
  • Comes with Rechargeable and Replaceable Batteries
  • 8 Adjustable Levels of Tone and Shock
  • Perfectly Fit for All Size


  • Power Adapter Makes an Issue Sometimes
  • Not Best is Terms of Longevity
  • Only 2 Training Modes Beeping and Static Shock

Best ways to keep your Great Dane from barking

Understand what causes your dog to bark

You may be surprised at how many dogs bark because they don’t understand why their owner wants them to stop. They bark when they hear another dog or person approaching when they are startled by a loud noise, and even when they see something that makes them feel uncomfortable. The best way to get rid of barking is to find out why it happens in the first place. If you can figure out what triggers your dog’s barking, then you will have an easier time stopping it.

Here are six tips to help manage excessive barking:

1. Put up an obstacle

If your dog starts barking at something, place an object in front of it so it cannot see what is causing it to bark. This will prevent it from seeing what is causing it to start barking and make it stop.

2. Train with reinforcement

If you reward your dog for not barking by giving them something delicious to eat or playing with them, then you’re reinforcing that their silence was good behavior. Don’t give treats if the dog just stays quiet. Instead, give them a command, then wait for the dog to respond before rewarding him with a treat.

3. Put them in a crate

If you have an empty crate, put your dog in it when he starts barking. If dogs are used to stopping barking when their owners are away, then they may stop barking even if their owners aren’t there. Since the owner isn’t there, the dog assumes that silence is best.

4. Use a toy

If you attach a tug rope or fun design ball to something heavy, then when your dog starts to bark, he has to do work in order to pull the item towards him. You can get tired of these distractions, and their constant barking can become annoying.

5. Feed them

If your dog is hungry, he’ll be much more likely to ignore the noise.

6. Contact your veterinarian

If these methods don’t work, contact your vet. It could be that there is something wrong with your dog, so excessive barking may be a sign of that.

Buying Guide

A Great Dane is a large breed dog, so you’ll need a collar that can stay up with his temperament and growth for training. Dog training collars are necessary to train your dogs and make them obedient.

At the same time, you will certainly not want your dog to be injured, so there are several smart features you will have to take into consideration before buying the best dog leash for a Great Dane. Here I’ve tried to explain most of the terms.


As Great Dane is an enormous breed, you’ll want the best quality collar for him, which comes at a reasonable price too. If the collar material is not of high quality, it could cause harm to your dog’s skin, which no pet owner would want.

Quick-release buckle

A quick-release buckle makes it easy for you to remove the collar from your dog if it gets caught on something. If this happens, you don’t want to remove the collar quickly, but if it does, the quick release buckle should be easy to remove.


When training your dog, an electric collar range is also important. The collar range will determine the distance of operation, which depends on a pet owner’s requirements. A half-mile distance is usually recommended as a minimum for shock training tools because it gives you more control over your dogs’ activities. Extendable ranges help you increase the range of motion to make your dog comfortable anywhere.

Color combinations

Collar color combinations are very important because dogs of the same breed may have different fur colors, so the collar should be the right color to distinguish them from each other. Moreover, bright colors collars also give your dog a stylish appearance and increase his personality.

Modes Of Training And Intensity

It’s certainly important to consider when choosing the best training collar for your dog of any other breed you may own. More levels of exercise with decent intensity levels will allow you to gain maximum control over your dog

Generally, most collars in the market come with all the basic functions along with three modes with adjustable levels, which include beep, vibration, and shock mode. These levels allow you to find the right amount of stimulation that best suits your dog.

Collar Size

The Great Dane has an approximate neck size between 20 to 24 inches, so you should consider this when choosing a flat collar. Aside from size, you need to consider comfort when choosing a collar for your dog. It shouldn’t hurt their necks.

Many collars available on the market are cheap, however, the materials they use are of low quality and can cause discomfort or injury to your dog’s throat.

So I would highly recommend choosing a collar made from high-quality materials with comfortable contact points, made with durable material, and having some adjustment points so you can easily adjust the flat collar as the dog grows.

Keypad lock

A keypad lock is an excellent way to prevent accidental pressing of the buttons and to keep your dog’s training collar safe from any mischief. It’s a common feature in most shock collars and highly recommendable because it ensures accidental shock protection and makes training the E-Collar smooth.

Battery backup

Battery life and battery backup time are also important features when choosing the right tool for training Great Danes. Most collars nowadays come with replaceable lithium batteries. It is the battery life that makes the pet owners’ worries go away, so they can enjoy outdoor activities and train their pets comfortably.


Most people these days like the waterproof collar so that the remote control for the training tool needs to either be waterproof or water-re­sistant at least. It provides the owners with more flexibility. They can train their dog outside without worrying about the rain, or their dog jumping into the pool. It allows dogs to have maximum fun no matter what kind of weather they’re experiencing.


Q1 A shock collar is used to train a dog to stop pulling its leash.

Electric shock collars can be designed so that they deliver an electric current when the animal barks too much. It teaches the dog to stop barking by giving them a painful stimulus when they bark.

Q2. Where do I put the collar on a Great Dane?

A Great Dane‘s neck is wider than that of a normal dog. Before buying a collar for your dog, you should measure its neck to make sure you get a correct and adjustable size. Place the shock collar on the top part of your chest. If you’re training your dog, don’t use a shock collar. Instead, use a regular leash.

You want to make sure that you are in control of the situation at all times like professional trainers and do not want your dog getting zapped by accident because they got too close to an electrical wire or anything similar. A shock collar should only be used when you are walking your dog.

Q3. What size collar does a Great Dane need?

Measuring your dog’s head is the best way for you to determine the size of collars that you will need. A standard collar, usually called a choke collar, should measure 1 to 1.5 inch wide for an adult Great dane.

You can also use standard collars with latches on both ends that prevent them from slipping off your dog’s neck. However, martingale collars have metal prongs that fit into their necks to help control them better than regular collars.

Q4. What is the difference between the e collar and a shock collar?

A dog training collar uses an electronic device to emit a tone that gradually increases in volume until your dog stops barking. It’s also more humane than the alternative.

Q5. How do I know if my dog has a sensitive neck?

Make sure that you’re always using the lowest level possible of static correction. You should be able to see some indicators on your everyday shirt to let you know which level you’re using. You can start off with no shocks and gradually increase the level of correction until you find one that suits your dog.

Q6. Can I use a shock collar with puppies?

Yes, puppies can be trained using a shock collar. However, they need to start out on the lowest setting. It’s important not to force dogs to be shocked too soon. If they’re not ready, they won’t learn anything.

Q7. Is a shock collar humane?

Many people have problems using shock collars on dogs, especially if the shock collar is set too high for the dog. Your dog may get shocked too much, but using it properly can help improve its behavior. Setting the volume to a high enough level so that your dog can hear the collar tone and not a sound that he would easily ignore is the best way to use this training method.

Q8. What kind of collar is best for a Great Dane?

It’s important to keep your dog from becoming accustomed to wearing a shock collar and allow them some freedom without one. As an experienced trainer, you want your dog to understand when you say no. You don’t want him to get into trouble by not listening. If they don’t get enough opportunities to practice new things, they will develop bad habits. Leash freedom will allow dogs to explore their surroundings and not be so distracted when they are on a leash.

Q9. Does a Great Dane need a shock collar?

It’s up to your preference. All dogs, including Great Danes, need to be trained positively to learn something from experience rather than just being shocked whenever they start barking too long. If your dog barks for too long, you will either teach them a new behavior, or get rid of an existing one. A properly used E‑collar can help make the training experience faster, easier, and more humane.

For a great Dane, this will make their life easier and will allow them to learn and develop into a well-mannered dog instead of someone who’s barking and pulling on the leash because it has become a habit for them.

Q10. How long should a shock collar stay on the Great Dane’s neck?

The regular collar should be comfortable for your dog but not so tight that it falls off during walks or playtimes with your dog. It shouldn’t inhibit your dog’s movement, comfort, or breathability.

Make sure to always place the collar’s prongs between your dog’ s neck and their fur so it won’t irritate them when they’re moving around.

Q11. What is the difference between a bark collar and a head collar?

A head collar is used to train dogs to wear over their noses and around their muzzles. It keeps them from pulling on their leashes while they’re walking and gives them more freedom. A bark collar sends an electrical shock when your dog barks, which helps him learn not to bark.

You need to choose a harness that suits your dog well. A thing that they won’t be easily able to get out of. With any of these dog training collars, you’ll be able to teach them basic commands like “sit” and “down.” You should use the training collar at specific times when your dog might need it.

Moreover, if your dog has a habit of excessive barking, the bark sensor in these dog bark collars can pick up the vibration of the bark, and emit a corrective stimulus accordingly. Ultimately, you decide which training equipment works best for your dog, but you should consider its size, temperament, and personality when choosing what will be most effective.

Q12. What goes on a Great Dane’s neck?

A regular dog collar is best for a Great Danes. You should try to figure out the best size for your dog’s neck, but the collar shouldn’t be too tight or resting uncomfortably on their throat. If you want to walk both of your dogs at once, you can attach a leash to their collars so they don’t pull each other.


Great Danes are big dogs, but they’re not easy to handle because of their size. To ensure that your Great Dane stays safe, behaves well, and comes back to you, you need a quality collar that includes all the advanced features to make your training sessions go smoothly. This choice will also let you train your gentle leader professionally, making him obedient.

The best training collar must be made from the highest quality material, with multiple training modes available. The collar should be waterproof so that you can wear it in any sort of rain.

The extended battery life means that you can train your dog for longer periods of time outdoors without worrying about running out of power.

Above, I’ve reviewed the best training collies available, so you can choose from them. They will prove to work well for you. Don’t forget to let me know in the comments section if my review was helpful for you. If you still have some questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section below. Whenever I encounter problems, I’ll try my best to solve those problems as quickly as possible.

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