Top 7 Best Dog Food to Prevent Lawn Burn in 2022

If you see yellow patches and burnt grass inside your lawn, it usually means that your dog has peed there. If your dog’s pee doesn’t have an appropriate nitrogen and phosphorus level, even a small amount of pee will burn the grass. So, you need the Best Dog Food to Prevent Lawn Burn that is made of natural and healthy ingredients.

Best Dog Food to Prevent Lawn Burn
Best Dog Food to Prevent Lawn Burn

You may be starting to notice brown patches of ground in areas where your dog normally defecates. Also known as lawn burn, this is most likely caused by a dog urinating on your lawn.

Most homeowners can appreciate the aesthetic and practical benefits that come from having a well-maintained lawn. It’s the perfect place for picnics, barbecues, parties, and more! Lawn burn is an issue that can easily be prevented by watering regularly.

Let’s take a look at what is turning your dog’s urine into a flamethrower (and what you can safely do about it).

2 Main Factors That Cause Lawn Burn

Each nitrogen, solute concentration, pH, and temperature play a role in causing lawn burns.

It’s interesting that normal, healthy levels of nitrate, salt, and acidity are usually what cause lawn burn, rather than abnormally high or low levels. This is why experimenting with different levels of exercise for your dog can ultimately harm him.

1. Nitrogen Levels

Lawn burn is usually caused by high levels of nitrates in your dog’s urine.

After the body has finished breaking down protein, nitrogen is excreted from your kidneys as waste. Therefore, the more proteins your dog ingests, the more nitrogen waste products are excreted into its urine.

Lawn burn also occurs if your dog tends to relieve himself in the same spot every day.

Sometimes, you’ll even see a ring of green grass around the burned spot.

Nitrogen found at the edge of the spot acts as a fertilizer for the grass while nitrogen found in high concentrations will kill the grass. Sometimes, too much can be bad for you rather than good.

2. Solute Concentration and pH levels

Urine that has been concentrated by drinking lots of water can cause grass stains. The higher the concentration of urine, the greater the chance of grass stains.

These solutes eventually damage your lawn. A normal pH level for a dog’s urine is between 6 and 7. Extremely high protein diets can cause a lower urine pH, which makes it more acidic.

While slightly acidic urine might be good for your lawn, it can also make your dog more susceptible to developing bladder stones.

Certain bacterial infections can increase the acidity level, making it more acidic. The highly basic dog pee may then alter the health and appearance of your lawn.

However, the pH levels of soil and water are not the only factors that cause lawn burn. It may contribute to its development, but it is the elevated nitrogen levels in your dog’s urine that are the main cause.

Best Dog Food to Prevent Lawn Burn in 2022

Product ImagePetHonesty GrassGreen Grass Burn Spot Chews for DogsPRIME eligible
Product ImageDog Rocks – Prevent Grass Burn Spots by Urine 200gPRIME eligible
Product ImageZesty Paws Stay Green Bites for Dogs – Grass Burn Soft Chews for Lawn SpotsPRIME eligible
Product ImagePremium Care Dog Allergy Chews & Immune Supplement for DogsPRIME eligible
Product ImageBark&Spark Allergy Relief Dog Treats – Omega 3 + Pumpkin + Enzymes Soft ChewsPRIME eligible

1. PetHonesty GrassGreen (Best Dog Food Prevent Lawn Burn)

PetHonesty GrassGreen Grass Burn Spot Chews for Dogs - Dog Pee Lawn Spot Saver Treatment Caused by Dog Urine - Cranberry, Apple Cider Vinegar, DL-Methionine Grass Treatment Rocks - 90 Chews (Duck)

To keep your dog healthy and digestible, use PetHonesty GrassGreen for dogs to avoid lawn burns. The benefit of using lawn burn food is that, by keeping your grass green and beautiful, it will prevent yellowing and burning patches of grass.

It will effectively help your dog digest food and improve its immune system by maintaining the nitrogen level in urine. The only downside of this grass saver is that it may take time to get significant differences.

Made of Gentle, Soft and Natural Materials

Your dog doesn’t need to be worried about its health by using it because the product is made with high quality natural and gentle ingredients. The special ingredient that makes it natural dog foods to prevent lawn burn is the fact that they’ve been made from natural sources like apple cidar vinegar and cranberry.

Inside, you won’t get the harsh chemicals, and your dog will want to chew it because of the soft material. These grass savers come with the delicious natural flavors that your dog loves.

With this dog food, you won’t need to buy any other supplements because this product acts as a treat for dogs. Furthermore, this lawn burn savers dog food meets strict safety guidelines and provides an excellent bonding time between you and your dog!

Reduce Lawn Burn and Yellow Spots

As we mentioned above. It is made of natural materials. Therefore, it is not medicine because its purpose is to target the root cause of lawn burns and yellow spots. This grass-saving dog food contains natural ingredients like cranberries, probiotics, and ACV.

Therefore, these natural products effectively reduce nitrogen from your dog’s urine, keeping your grass beautiful and green If you can use this lawn mower dog food to help prevent your grass from turning yellow and brown, you’ll see a big difference right away. However, it may take some time for your grass to turn green again.

Healthy Dog Food for Normal Digestion

You can use this food to reduce the lawn burns from urine and improve the dog’s immune system. Furthermore, it will reduce the ammonia level in the dog’s faeces and help to decrease diarrhea and vomiting and effectively improve bowel movement.

It will ultimately help protect your lawn and keep its appearance green, healthy, and beautiful, and improve your dog’s digestion. It is made of naturally occurring ingredients that maintain the normal pH levels of the dog‘s urine. After maintaining the pH and nitrogen levels of the dog’s pee and reducing yellow and dead patches of grass.

If your budget is limited, PetHonesty Grass Green is the best dog food for preventing lawn burn and keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful at an affordable price.


  • Maintain the Nitrogen Content in Urine
  • Hels Dog to Digest Food
  • Reasonably Priced Dog Food
  • Reduce Yellow Spots and Grass Burn from Urine
  • Made of Natural and Gentle Materials
  • Soft Dog Food for Chewing
  • Keeps Your Dog Healthy


  • Take Time for Big Difference
  • Some Dogs May Not Like Taste

2. Dog Rocks 200g Best Product for Dog Lawn Burn

Dog Rocks - Prevent Grass Burn Spots by Urine 200g - Save Your Lawn from Yellow Marks

Dog Rocks are the most effective way to prevent lawn burns and stains from dog urine. This food effectively removes yellow patches from your lawn, and your grass starts looking beautiful and green. This dog food doesn’t have any side effects because your dog will also share his/her bowl with other household pets too. The only downside of this dog food is that some dogs refused to drink the water sometimes.

100% Natural and Convenient Grass Burn

This best grass-saving dog food for dogs has no side effects because it is made of 100 percent convenient and natural ingredients. Using this dog rock will effectively filter out all of the impurities from your dog’s urine.

By having this dog run around, all the burned patches are removed from your yard, it will also keep him healthy and energetic. The unique thing that sets it apart from other dog foods is that all the household pets will use it with their dogs.

Maintain PH and Nitrogen Level

These types of dog foods claim to reduce Ph levels in the dog urine to prevent grass burns but using them for a long time may cause urinary tract and bladder infections in dogs. Therefore, DogRock will meet all of your requirements and remove the nitrates from the dog’s urine. It will help maintain the Ph level of your dog’s urine and keep him healthy and happy for a longer period of time.

One of the main causes of yellow patches and lawn damage is that your dog‘s urine has low or too high nitrogen levels. This natural dog food prevents grass burns effectively by maintaining the nitrogen level of the dog’s urine. After using it for some days you see the biggest change and don’t notice any yellow patches on the lawn anymore.

Keep the Lawn Beautiful and Green

It is one of our best solutions for urine burns on your lawn or grass. And it proves to be perfect at keeping your lawn green and looking beautiful. All you need to do is mix up some rocks in your dog’s water dish, and when your dog eats them, all of your worries will be gone. After some days, you see the significant change and you get green and beautiful grass again.

The most important thing to remember is that if your dog has consumed less than the recommended amount of water with rocks, you need to change its water daily. Furthermore, it is available in 200g packages, so you need to add it to the half-gallon container of water and make sure your dog drinks it solely from this source.

Finally, Dog Rocks has been proven to be the best dog food to prevent grass burn under $30, and you get significant changes inside your lawn.


  • Made of 100% Natural Materials
  • Keep the Grass Beautiful and Green
  • Maintain the PH Level of Urine
  • Ideally, Reduce the Nitrogen Level
  • Dog Food Doesn’t Have Side Effect
  • Filter Out All Impurities from Urine
  • Best Paramagnetic Igneous Rocks
  • Safe for All Animals


  • Some Dogs Refused to Drink
  • Some Rocks are Igneous

3. Zesty Paws Best Dog Grass Saver

Zesty Paws Stay Green Bites for Dogs - Grass Burn Soft Chews for Lawn Spots Caused by Dog Urine Cran-Max Cranberry for Urinary Tract and Bladder with Apple Cider Vinegar Digestive Enzymes

If you’re worried about keeping your lawn clean of urine spots, ZestyPaws is the best grass saver dog food that will help keep your lawn healthy. We highly recommend you purchase it because it will help your dog avoid grass burns and provide digestive relief. It is specially made from grass and garden saver formula with naturally occurring and convenient ingredients.

Garden Saver and Cran-Max Formula

The unique thing about using the best dog food to prevent lawn burns is that it’s made with the grass and lawn saver formula. Each soft bite of the dog food contains essential nutrients, including 250 mg of DL-Methione and some of the most important amino acids. Therefore, DL-methionine reduces the nitrate levels in your dog’s urine and prevents lawn burn.

Furthermore, the Cran-Max Formula contains 50 mg of Cran-Max on every soft chew, and it uses the original Bio-Shield Technology. Therefore, this dog food is clinically proven and safe because it will flush out any harmful bacteria.

It will also help your dog’s health, prevent lawn burn, and stop urinary tract problems too.

Enzyme Support and Digestive Relief

It helps prevent lawn burn and provides digestive enzymes to keep your dog healthy. Each time you eat a treat, you get a mix of digestive enzymes with the six strains that reduce diarrhea and makes your lawn look pretty and green.

By having this dog food, you can take the burnt grass from your lawn into beautiful and good looking. Furthermore, inside this dog food, you get to see the nutrients that will help to improve your dog’s immune system and prevent him from developing bladder issues.

Natural Materials and Chicken Flavor

It may sometimes take some time to prevent lawn burn from occurring because it is made of naturally and conveniently available ingredients, including apple cider vinegar. The unique thing about the dog food is that it contains the chicken flavor that dogs enjoy and want to eat happily

When your dog eats it happily, it is very beneficial to keep your lawn beautiful and green and look good. On every bite, your dog feels the soft feeling and this dog food is don’t have any side effects.

We especially recommend you to buy the Zesty Paws dogfood to prevent lawn burn and it is also available for a reasonable price.


  • Comes with Digestive Enzyme Support
  • Made of Grass and Garden Saver
  • Effectively Reduce the Nitrogen Level
  • Makes Your Lawn Beautiful and Garden
  • Comes with Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Available in Chicken Flavor
  • Natural and Convenient Ingredients
  • Patented Bio-Shield Technology


  • Maybe Toxic if Ingested in Large Amount
  • Takes Time for Significant Change

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4. GOODGROWLIES Dog Food with Low Nitrogen

GOODGROWLIES Grass Saver for Dogs - Dog Pee Lawn Repair Treats - Grass Burn Spots Caused by Dog Urine - Grass Saver Rocks with Probiotics + Digestive Enzymes, Cranberry - Made in USA - 120 Soft Chews

After maintaining the nitrogen and Ph levels of your dog’s urine, use GOODGROWLIES’ best dog food for grass burns to reduce yellow and burn patches. It contains high quality active and natural ingredients that help you to get a greener lawn and keep your dog healthier and happier.

It will keep your dog’s digestive tract healthy because he/she likes it. It is the best dog food overall, but its chew sizes might not be reliable for some dogs.

Beautiful Lawn Without Yellow Patches

If your dog eats this food every day for two weeks, then you’ll be able to see the significant changes inside your lawn.

It is a chewy treat for your dog, which means it will reformulate to keep the moderate nitrogen in its urine.

It is also a chewable treat for dogs, so it will formulate to keep the moderate nitrogen in their urine. It will keep the garden looking nice and help make your dog happy and healthy during training or daily routine activities.

Best Dog Food for Digestive System

What makes this grass saver food unique is that it is made from 100% natural and soft materials that support urinary tract and bladder function properly.

This dog food contains natural and essential ingredients like probiotics, enzymes, and cranberry. It also includes DL-Methionine.

These natural ingredients provide better health support for your dog and significantly improve its digestion system. Furthermore, if you can use it for a few days, it will maintain your dog’s Ph and nitrogen levels and effectively prevent lawn burn when used regularly.

Healthy, Effective, Safe, and Delicious

One of the main reasons for choosing it is because it is very healthy, efficient, safe, and delicious You don’t need to worry more if your other household pets eat it because it is safe for all animals and dogs. In addition, you get to see the effective changes within some days as it will keep your dog healthy.

The downside of other green grass-savers is that the dog doesn’t want to eat them, so you don’t need to worry more by using these best dog foods to reduce nitrogen from dog pee. Furthermore, it is available for dogs in tasty treats that will stimulate them to eat them. As you know, dogs like to eat chicken, so you get to enjoy the delicious chicken flavor inside.

Finally, GOODGROWLIES  is the cheap dog food to prevent lawn burn that is safe for all sizes of dog breeds and all ages. 


  • Made with Probiotics + Digestive Enzymes
  • 120 Soft Chews Dog Food for Lawn Burn
  • Keep the Nitrogen and Ph Level Normal
  • Perfect for Digestive and Bladder Function
  • Cranberry and DL-Methionine
  • Healthy and Safe Grass Saver
  • Effective and Delicious Taste
  • Dog Love to Eat
  • No Sugar, Dairy, Corn or Soy-Derived


  • Chew Sizes are Inconsistent
  • Extremely Dry Food Product

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5. PREMIUM CARE Best Dog Food to Prevent Lawn Burn

Premium Care Dog Allergy Chews & Immune Supplement - Environmental and Seasonal Allergy Support for Dogs - Skin Health Support with Colostrum, Vitamin C and Bee Pollen - 120 Chews

You don’t need to worry more about yellow spots and lawn burns by having PREMIUM CARE dog food because it will keep the nitrogen and ph levels of the dog’s urine. This high-quality food contains tasty soft chews, which your dog wants to eat. Using it, you can not just get rid of lawn burns but your dog feels healthier. It is made of organic materials, but this dog’s shortcoming could be that its chew may be oversized.

Natural Ingredients and Healthy Digestion

The unique thing about the best dog food for preventing lawn burns is that it is made from 100% natural ingredients that will improve the overall health of the dog. The natural ingredients of the dog food include cranberry juice, green tea extract, organic apple cider vinegar, yuccas, flaxseed, essential vitamins, and probiotics.

Furthermore, inside this dog food, you get to see the power of enzymes that will keep your grass green, and it works as a digestive aid. It will effectively maintain your dog’s PH and nitrogen levels, which helps maintain its bowel health. When your dog eats this food, it will help promote essential nutrient absorption, which means your dog has a healthier digestive system.

Get Green Lawn with Delicious Taste

Using this dog food makes your grass grow beautifully and green because it contains DL-Methionine and apple cider vinegar. Inside, you get two powerful antioxidants that are great because they will support a healthier urinary tract and help reduce skin burns.

You need to feed your dog with happiness and you’ll get significant changes inside your yard. Therefore, it contains high-quality natural ingredients, which contain delicious flavors, so your pet loves to eat it happily. Some days later, you get effective changes within your lawn, and you could quickly get rid of lawn burns and yellow spots.

100% Natural and Safe Dog Food

If you want to keep your grass from getting damaged by the dog’s pee, then it is the best dog food to meet these safety standards. The most important thing making it the best safe dog feed for lawn burns is that it contains no wheat, corn, artificial ingredients, or added sugars.

You get to see 90 soft chews inside this dog food but it may be too big for some dogs, according to ot some users. Overall, it is safe and best for dogs to avoid grass burns, but if your dog is sensitive to certain ingredients, we don’t recommend you to use it in its raw form.

Premium Care will give you a healthy digestive system and effectively improve the digestion and keep your lawn green and your dog happy.


  • Green and Beautiful Lawn and Grass
  • Natural Ingredients and Healthy Digestion
  • Comes with 90 Soft Chews
  • Maintain Nitrogen and Ph Level
  • Healthy and Happy Puppy
  • Reduce Grass Burns and Yellow Spots
  • Made of Natural Ingredients
  • Promote Digestion and Gives Healthy Gut


  • Not Suitable for Dog with Weak Stomach
  • Chews Maybe Oversize

6. Bark&Spark All-Natural (Best Dog Food to Prevent Grass Burn)

  • One-Stop Allergy Aid.
  • Dry itchy skin relief + immune booster for dogs packed with healthy fats from omega 3, DHA, and EPA and specially blended nutrients, chews support canine immunity and boost defences against allergens
  • We are always keen to provide the best care for our furry customers and we never compromise on product quality.
  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds, from puppies to seniors.

Keep your lawn healthy and green by using Bark & Spark All Natural Best Dog Food to prevent yellow patches. You can lower the nitrogen level in the urine by maintaining the pH level, and you can eliminate yellow patches and lawn burns. Inside, you get all the essential ingredients that are perfectly suited for lawn burns and your dog’s digestion process. The only downside of these dog foods is that they sometimes make your dog thirsty.

Green Grass and Yellow Spot Saver

When it comes to lawn burns, they usually happen when the nitrogen overloaded in a dog’s urine Therefore, this dogfood is best for keeping your lawn and grass green by maintaining the nitrogen and phosphorus levels of your dog’s urine

The special formula used to manufacture this pet food will moderate the nitrogen content of your dog’s urine and get back your lawn, garden, and yard beautiful. Using it, you can restore the grass in your lawn and get a healthy and happy dog.

Healthy, Natural, and Delicious Chews

It will not only help keep your lawn green and beautiful, but it will also help keep your dog healthy and supports urinary tract, digestion, bladder, and kidney functions. It contains probiotics, enzymes, DL-Methionine, and other nutrients that will keep your dog healthy and happy. It contains no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or additives, so it won’t have any side effects on your dog.

It is a 4 month’s supply for your dog because he gets to see the 120 soft treats with amazing flavors inside. Your dog loves to drink it because of its delicious taste, and the unique things about it are that it is free from corn, sugar, or dairy. All of your worries regarding pills, powders, tablets, or wafers will be gone once you get these chews

Best Value and Perfect for All Breeds

It contains high-quality ingredients that are specially made with sustainably sourced and humanely raised ingredients. Another excellent feature of these dog foods is perfect for small and large dog breeds and all ages.

You also get this dog for 120 chews at a good price, and you don’t want to spend a lot on other products to prevent grass from burning. It is a natural dog food product that prevents lawn burns, so it doesn’t compromise on quality, and it gives you significant results within a few days.

Lastly, Bark&Spark All-Natural is the best dog food to prevent grass burn that makes your lawn green and beautiful.



  • Properly Support Healthy Digestion
  • Tasty and Yummy Chicken Flavor
  • Grass Saver Pills at Reasonable Price
  • Beautiful and Green Grass
  • Reasonably Priced Dog Food
  • Best for All Size of Breeds
  • Bark and Spark Commitment
  • Comes with Human Grade Ingredients


  • Some Dogs Hate the Taste
  • Makes Some Dogs Thirty

What Cause Lawn Burn

Lawn burn and yellow patches in the garden are caused by a variety of different factors. First, of course we know that lawn burns occur even when there are little amounts of urine, however, you need to understand why they happen. Here you get to see the main reasons why your lawn burns when your dog pees on it.

PH Level of Dog’s Urine

The high pH levels of dog urine are among the main causes of lawn burn that makes yellowish and brownish spots on the grass. Urine with an unbalanced PH level is also known as concentrated pee contains a high volume of solid particles compared to diluted pee.

When your dog urinates outside, this highly concentrated urine damages the grass and makes the lawn burn. When we talk about the average PH level of the dogs’ urine, the standard Ph level is between 6 and 6.5. On another hand, when the Ph levels are low because of the high protein food, they become more acidic and lead to cause grass burns.

Nitrogen Level of Dog’s Urine

After the body has finished breaking down the proteins, nitrogen is a substance expelled by the kidneys and is known as a waste product (or urea). When high levels of nitrogen are present inside a dog’s urine it is the most significant factor behind lawn burns. If your dog eats food containing more protein than usual, he may produce extra nitrogen which could lead to grass burns and you’ll be able to see the patches in the grass.

Diluted nitrogen is sometimes an effective fertilizer for grass. On the other hand, if the fertilizer contains concentrated nitrogen particles, they will kill the grass and give you yellow and brown grass with spots. Therefore, you need to maintain the nitrogen level inside your dog’s urine.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Dog Food to Prevent Lawn Burn:

When choosing the best food for preventing lawn burns, there are lots of factors to take into account.

These are the main things you need to consider when choosing dog food.

1. The Breed of Your Dog

Some dogs are better suited for certain types of grass than others. If you have a particular breed of dog that is prone to this problem, be certain to buy food specifically designed for dogs with this problem. If you have a mixed breed dog, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the food won’t be effective, but you should try to choose a brand that is well suited for dogs in general.

2. The Age of Your Dog

Your pet’s age can also affect their susceptibility to lawn burn. Even if your dog doesn’t seem particularly likely to get lawn burns, you should still feed them the age-specific food for their size.

3. Current Diet

If your dog is currently eating something different from what you plan on switching him/her to, don’t switch it yet! You want their bodies to adjust so that they can be able to eat the new food later. It’s usually best to start with an empty digestive tract when you switch them over so that they can process it properly and receive all of the nutrients they require.

4. Any Allergies

When choosing dog foods to prevent grass burns, you’ll want to consider both the ingredients and nutrient content of each product. If your dog has sensitive skin, you’ll want to choose a food that doesn’t contain any ingredients he’s allergic to and that contains the right types and levels of nutrients that will help keep his skin healthy.


We hope that you’re aware of all the best lawn care products for preventing lawn burns mentioned above that is suitable to use on dogs. These pet foods are affordable and maintain the pH and nitrogen levels of the dog’s urine. After keeping the PH and nitrogen levels, it will prevent grass burns and keep your dog healthy.

We recommend you buy Best Zesty Paws grass seeders because they will meet all of your lawn care needs at a low cost. It will also help maintain the PH and nitrogen levels and improve your dog’s digestion. If you’re hoping for a detailed explanation of the cause of the lawn burning, then you’ll be disappointed.


How do I know if my dog’s food is causing the lawn to burn?

If you’re concerned that your dog’s food might be causing lawn burn, you can test this hypothesis by doing some simple tests. One simple way to see if your dog has worms is to look at his stool. If it is soft, runny, and yellowish, this may be a symptom of lawn burn caused by your dog’s diet.

Can I switch my dog’s food to prevent lawn burn?

Yes, you should consult your veterinarian to see if they have food that may better suit your dog’s needs. There are many different types of foods out there, so it is important to take the time to investigate what will work best for your pooch.

How do I switch my dog’s food?

Changing a dog’s diet can be difficult, especially when your dog has an unhealthy one. To make this process less stressful for both of you, you can slowly introduce the new food into your dog’s diet by mixing it with their previous foods. Gradually introduce new foods into your pet’s diet, increasing the amount over a period of time until they’re only eating the new food It will help to avoid any gastrointestinal issues that may occur as a consequence of the change.

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