5 tips for taking care of pets during the holidays in 2022

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Care of pets during the holidays

care of pets during the holidays
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! White fluffy purebred dog sitting near the Christmas tree with gifts and garlands at home.

5 tips care of pets during the Holidays With the holidays just around the corner, many of us already begin to worry about the health of our pets during the last weeks of the year. Although it is a time that many animals enjoy thanks to the climate and decoration, this also brings with it certain stimuli that can not only cause them great stress but also put them in real danger.

For all pet owners who care about what the holidays can do to their furry friends, we recommend the following tips:

Protect them from fireworks

5 tips care of pets Perhaps one of the best-known sources of stress for animals, fireworks can leave our pets in a constant state of fear and alertness, as well as cause damage to their hearing. They can also generate allergic reactions in their eyes and noses, so we must ensure that they are always kept away from spaces where these explosives are thrown.

But this is not the only danger, since there is always the possibility that some misused rocket or fire will harm our pet and even our home. That is why we must make sure to avoid walking with animals in areas where fireworks may be being used, as well as leaving all windows closed when we leave the house.

Allergy to plants

Christmas is usually represented in a large number of plants that not only decorate trees and shrubs but also often complement our homes. Before bringing a Christmas plant home, we must make sure that it will not cause an adverse reaction that endangers the health of our pet.

Some of the plants known to be toxic to cats and dogs, as well as many of our furry friends, include poinsettia, mistletoe, and holly. The Christmas pine trees, although they cause less allergy, can also be dangerous if their branches are eaten.

Be careful with the decoration

Candlesticks and candles with flames can burn their fur and skin, the tree can be dangerous if you fall on them, and the lights can cause them to become tangled and injured.

Make sure all ornaments that may pose a threat are out of reach at all times.

Make personalized gifts

Not all advice should be negative, so we also recommend making personalized gifts for your pets. Many people go to great lengths to give their pets Christmas gifts as if they were a person, however, this is not always necessary.

In most cases, it is enough to make a purchase that benefits your pet and allows you to take better care of it. In the Lidl catalog for December, we can find different products for pets, such as a set of brushes, combs, and scissors with a 20% discount, a bed with a parasol at 16%, a dog teddy at 25% and bottles of water 20%.

Now that you understand what precautions you should take during the holidays to protect your pets, it is time for you to start enjoying one of the most anticipated seasons of the year.

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