Doberman Or Rottweiler? Comparison And Advice Indecisive

When people are planning to have a guard dog, their choice often stands on two rocks, which we have now described in this article. “Who is better: a Rottweiler or a Doberman” – a question of interest to many owners, but we think it is incorrect.

These are two official breeds, endowed with their own advantages and disadvantages of the requirement of domestication. The choice should be based on the ability and experience of the owner to raise these animals and their destination, the conditions of family housing. Both dogs are serious, so we will present you with a small comparative overview, which can help you understand which dog is more suitable for you.

Doberman or Rottweiler


Maybe start with the history of these rocks. The Doberman was formerly called the Thuringian. In 1899, the breed received its current name in honor of its creator – Friedrich Louis Dobermann. To show this breed, in Germany performed numerous crossbreeding, most of the participants were in a crossbreed of animals. The result was a dog with a rather dangerous appearance, often expressing aggression.

As for the other hero of our member, we can say with certainty that he is a Rottweiler – a representative of one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Strong and big, infinitely brave, surrounded by numerous speculations and gossip about a dog whose origin still remains a mystery to researchers.Rottweiler and Doberman photo

This breed is also bred in Germany, and was named in honor of the city of Rottweil. There is a version that coal-black molossoid, which later spread throughout Europe, became the descendants of the Tibetan Mastiff. Another version claims that the ancestors of the Rottweilers were local primordial dogs and Phoenicians.

At the time of the breed, two species of black big dogs lived near Rottweil. Some were more muscular and strong, and believed to carry a heavy burden than for the life of a shepherd, they did not approach: they were simply ready to fall from exhaustion while driving from the herd.

The second type is noticeably smaller, durable and smart. These dogs are used to protect and drive livestock and protect the wearer and earn money for them. The fact that they are part of the plant of German butchers who piled up a bag of income and hung it on the dog’s neck. The thief dared to steal the capital.

In the early XIX century, the breed almost disappeared due to its uselessness: cattle began to be transported by rail. However, by the middle of the twentieth century, he was revived in a new capacity – as a security guard and police assistant, and later began to put on combat rings.


In order to understand which breed suits you best – Doberman or Rottweiler, you must take into account their external characteristics and dimensions.

Doberman – Great dog. Its height at the withers – 68 to 72 cm (male) and 63 to 68 cm (females). The animal is quite thin, with a sporty physique. With such an impressive growth, the weight of the men is less than 45 kilograms, and the females – 35 Rottweilers and Dobermans (you can see the picture in the article) – are muscular and strong animals.

who is stronger than the Doberman or the Rottweiler

The Doberman has a thick neck, wider at the base. The thorax is broad, well developed. Strong legs shaped a bit like a cat. Short shiny hair and have a Doberman and a Rottweiler. A comparison of these rocks indicates that they are similar colors: black, brown (Doberman rarely blue) and complexion, which are found in the neck, legs, face, forehead arches.


This dog is very harmoniously composed: in short powerful legs concentrated power and strength, a wide head tied to animals or aggression, or joy – it depends on the situation. dogs housing is massive, wide snout characterized by a large jaw. The thorax is very developed. It descends to the beginning of the elbow.

Compact paws are rounded. Wool, like Doberman, shiny short and smooth. Base color – black and complexion. Standard Stud height – 69 cm and females a little less – 58 cm adult animals usually weigh no more than 60 kg .. In recent years (especially in wet markets) are increasingly present hybrid Rottweiler and Doberman. Therefore, the purchase of animals of these species is recommended in specialized nurseries. Although mestizos can also be wonderful companions and guards, a show career is not available.

crossbreed Rottweiler and Doberman


If you decide Doberman or Rottweiler is best for you – you need to know about some characteristics of the nature of these animals. Doberman think nervous system marked choleric type: stubborn and bad for dog training. But only this opinion of those people who are not familiar with this race. In fact, a Doberman – A vigilant protector and guardian, as well as a great companion who adapts well to the family.

The Doberman is able to feel the mood of the owner very subtly. He becomes a loyal friend, but only for a good and smart master. Communicating with other pets, if there are any, in your own home was not easy. Dobermans – dogs that have a sensitive nervous system, especially when the situation changes dramatically. So, if you live with an aggressive cat or dog that could cause a showdown, then most likely, an argument cannot be avoided.

who is better than a Rottweiler or a Doberman

Provide adequate living in the house of the Doberman pets become their representatives, and even accomplices: for example, they can draw the attention of the owner when the cat is not stolen from so many different treats.


It is a dog with a very high intelligence and it is very inconvenient – it cannot be underestimated. If you notice that your favorite dog has stopped doing his team and at the same time looking at you clearly, honestly and with no understanding of his eyes, be sure – they are just fooling you.

Doberman and Rottweiler comparison

The Rottweiler is not just a reliable guardian – a full member of the family, which is equally loved by its masters and their children, although it implicitly listens to only one person. The family behaves surprisingly lightly, like a cat, however, the presence of very young children can have problems. A Rottweiler would never, under any circumstances, injure a child master, even if it would deliver significant inconvenience. However, due to the large size and weight of the dog, it can injure a small child who falls and is strong.


Both breeds are smooth, so caring for them is easy. These dogs shed a little, but once every two weeks, they should be a special brush for combing, of course, if you do not burn with the desire to remove hair around the house.

Whether ready-to-eat food or natural food is up to the host to decide, their choices often influence the breeder’s recommendation in which the animal was acquired. Experts believe that natural food can significantly prolong the life of pets. We have prepared a feed to have an advantage – they contain all the vitamins necessary for the development of animals.


This question is of interest to many owners. Physical strength and endurance, of these dogs are approximately equal. However, the Doberman is bigger, agile and agile. But, as a rule, his zeal manifests before the first terrible roar of the

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