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How to help dogs in the heat

dogs in the heat
dogs in the heat


  • Free cooling
  • Mode change
  • Power adjustment
  • Hair care
  • Cooling accessories

Free cooling when a dog in the heat

Every living organism has natural methods of protection against overheating, and dogs are no exception. Their main ways are:

dogs in the heat
dogs in the heat
  • heat removal through the sweat glands on the paws;
  • rapid breathing with an open mouth and protruding tongue;
  • plentiful drink.

If the dog lives outside the city, he can resort to another original method – to dig a hole for himself, lifting the top hot layer of soil and finding himself next to the life-giving coolness.

Mode change

In the heat, it is better to shift the walking schedule as close as possible to early morning and late evening – during these hours the air temperature is minimal. In addition, it is necessary to reduce physical activity as much as possible or completely eliminate them. Better to avoid walking on hot asphalt or a hot path.

Dark-colored dogs can be dressed in light-coloured clothing – it heats up less than a dark coat. After the walk, you need to treat the pet’s paws with special oil to avoid cracking them. You should not walk the dog in the heat with a muzzle.

At home, you can arrange a cool bath for your pet to cool down – water procedures will ease his suffering from high temperatures.

Power adjustment

If physical activity is reduced, the dog will adjust its nutrition itself – it will switch to a lower food intake, refuse heavy food.

It is very important to drink plenty of water in the heat – the dog should always have fresh cool water available. At the same time, the amount of fluid consumed must be constantly monitored, since its lack can lead to dehydration.

If the owner observes symptoms of heatstroke in the dog, you should immediately contact your veterinarian.

Hair Care

The dog’s coat not only warms it up in cold weather, but also acts as a heat insulator in hot weather, so it would be a mistake to completely cut it. You can gently comb out the undercoat or shorten the coat slightly if it is very fluffy. It is better to wash your dog with plain clean water, without using shampoos. If there is a suitable reservoir near the house, you can teach your four-legged friend to swim. This will give him another great way to cool off.

Cooling accessories

Relatively recently, dog accessories have appeared on the market to help in the heat: cooling mats, collars, scarves, boots, vests, blankets. They can also be used during hot seasons.

Ways to help your pet escape from the heat depending on its breed and place of residence. The main thing is to carry out the necessary procedures on time, and then the dog will be able to relatively comfortably survive any heat.

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