Paracord dog collar – How to Make yourself Easily

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Every avid dog lover has in-stock ammunition for a pet for all occasions. I propose to replenish the arsenal and tell you how to make a collar for a dog with your own hands.

Paracord dog collar. How to do it yourself (master class with photo)
Paracord dog collar. How to do it yourself (master class with photo)

Paracord dog collar. How to do it yourself (master class with photo)

Nowadays, hand-made products are very popular. First, it is a way to show your creativity. Secondly, you get a unique product and become its sole owner. And, thirdly, in the manufacture of such a thing, not only the work of the master is invested in it, but also a piece of the soul. All these three aspects are very suitable for a dog owner 🙂 Your pet will wear a functional item charged with a piece of your warmth and at the same time, you will not find another one like this.

We will make a paracord dog collar.

Paracord is a lightweight polymer cable made from nylon that was designed for use in parachute lines. The sheath of paracord is woven from many intertwined fibers, making it relatively smooth. Paracord made entirely of nylon is quite elastic. Polyester paracord is also allowed.

Now the use of paracord cord is very diverse. Products woven from such material are strong and durable. A simple paracord collar is easy to make with your own hands. For manufacturing, we need a paracord cord (two colors) and accessories for the collar.

So, we begin to weave a collar for a dog with our own hands (photo and step-by-step instructions)

Step one

We measure the desired length of the cord.

Exactly, up to a centimetre, it is impossible to guess the length. It depends on the thickness of the cord and the density of the weave, but the calculation is something like this: multiply the length of the collar by seven. (it is better to take with a margin and cut off the excess at the end)

step two

We make the basis for weaving. Between the two parts of the clasp, there should be a distance equal to the length of our collar.

Paracord dog collar.
Paracord dog collar.

We attach the cord to one of the parts of the collar clasp, as shown in the initial attachment diagram below. Then, simply, we pass through the second part of the castle and return to the original mount. We pass the ends through the first part of the collar lock. At the output, we get four cords. Cut off one cord of each color.

We begin to twist the two remaining cords, as in the photo

Paracord dog collar.
Paracord dog collar.

(Scheme of initial fastening)

The cord must be folded in half, but the resulting loop on the base, bend the loop over the base, thread the ends into the loop and tighten

Step Three

Adding a leash ring to our future collar. In order for the weaving to be tight, tighten the knots tighter.

Step Four

We continue weaving the cord to the end of the product.

Step five

We fix the ends of the cord.

You can fix the ends according to this scheme

We cut off the excess. We singe the tips with a lighter and press at the melting point. So the ends will be better fixed.

Here’s what happened.

According to the principle of the collar master class, a leash can also be woven for a dog. You will get a set 🙂 A variety of cord and weaving methods increase the boundaries of possibilities.

Your paracord dog collar will turn out to be somewhat different, because this is only an approximate diagram of how to do it yourself,  and one master class with a photo does not include all weaving options.

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