Six Ways to Secure Your Dog in the Car

Six Ways to Secure Your Dog in the Car

Bringing your dog along for the ride makes any vacation more enjoyable, whether you’re going on a long road trip or just buying groceries.

When driving with your dog, however, you must ensure that they are secured in place (just like any family member).

A canine seat belt or harness is the most popular solution (a conventional seat belt will not fit them). You can safely strap any size dog in the back of your car with the correct dog car harness.

This should also prevent them from staring out the window. Dogs enjoy feeling the breeze on their fur, but it can be dangerous since they could be hit by a tree branch or even jump out of the car.

However, dog harnesses aren’t your only option. Continue reading for six pet vehicle accessories and more ways to secure your dog in the car.

How to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Car

You can safely travel with your dog if you have the proper pet vehicle accessories. This is how:

1. Purchase a Dog Harness Seat Belt

The harness locks your dog in one position with a strap that connects to the seat belt, making it ideal for well-behaved dogs. Keep an eye on your dog during the travel to make sure they don’t gnaw through the harness.

2. Use a Crate to Restrict Your Dog

A crate is ideal for confident and relaxed dogs since it keeps them safe, comfortable, and secure. Make sure your dog has enough room to stand up and spin around in the crate.

3. Purchase a Plush Carry Box for Your Dog

This elevated box is ideal for little, nervous dogs since it allows them to see you and their surroundings. It should be used with a dog harness.

4. Use a Dog Guard

The guard prevents your dog from being flung forward in the event of an accident, which is ideal for dogs who prefer to watch you and move around. 

Make sure you purchase a guard that is fixed to your car’s floor and roof so it can’t be knocked out of place.

5. Try a Back Seat Hammock or Cargo Liner

The hammock protects elderly dogs from falling off the seat and prevents them from jumping into the front. Make sure it has a nonslip covering to stop the hammock from sliding off the seat. If you fold your seats down, use a custom cargo liner like Ruff Rug Pet Cargo Liners to keep your dogs safe and SUV protected

6. Install a Back-seat Barrier

Shotgun rides are popular with dogs. A barrier, on the other hand, will help if your dog is enthusiastic or frightened and wants to get onto your lap. Let’s face it: dog kisses while driving can be a little distracting for both of you.

Your dog can be locked in the rear of your car with a customized fence, depending on the type of automobile you have. Barriers can be erected on the backs of SUVs, hatchbacks, and vans in a variety of ways.

Make sure you get one that is specifically designed for your vehicle. Also, make sure your dog can’t slip through any gaps.

The barrier keeps your dog in the rear seat when you brake quickly, which is ideal for larger dogs who struggle to relax while restrained. Before you hit the road, double-check that the barrier is placed properly.

Remember that there are no government-mandated safety requirements for pet vehicle accessories. Although some items are labeled as “crash-tested,” the Center for Pet Safety correctly points out that this does not indicate they passed the test.

What Is Legal in Your State or Province?

Dogs in cars are subject to varied laws in each state and province. Are you aware of your legal obligations?

A few states have passed legislation banning dogs from riding unrestrained, while others include vague laws that allow a police officer to cite a motorist for distracted driving if a dog is discovered unrestrained or on the driver’s lap.

Keep an eye on what’s going on in your state since some have introduced new legislation. Consider the following examples:

  • Drivers who drive with pets on their laps can be charged under distracted driving statutes in Maine, Connecticut, and Arizona.
  • Driving with unrestrained pets in a car is considered animal cruelty in New Jersey, and it can result in a heavy fine or even jail time!

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