What fruits can dogs eat? Best Information 2022

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Fruits can dog eat? If you have wanted to give your dog fruit more than once, but you don’t know if it is good or not… Today at Wakyma we tell you what fruits dogs can eat.

The truth is that when we think of feeding our doggy friend, it is not very common to think of pears, oranges, and apples! Truth?

Some fruits provide extra fiber and antioxidants to your pet. But … how can we give it to them? Do they have any other benefits? Is there any fruit that is dangerous for my dog?

Today at Wakyma we solve all your doubts!

Before giving your dog fruit, let’s talk about his diet!

If you are evaluating the different forms of canine feeding that exist. At Wakyma we tell you that one of the best without a doubt is the dry diet. This has all the nutrients and proteins that your furry’s body needs.

Is the feed always enough food that my dog ​​needs? No! Sometimes it must be supplemented with other products.

But remember! Not all foods are beneficial to your pet, some foods are toxic to your dog!

Do you want to know if your dog can eat some vegetables? Discover the vegetables that your dog can eat.

 fruits can dogs eat

Tips before giving fruit to your dog

If you plan to give your pet fruit, keep these tips in mind:

  • Give small amounts. And if this is the first time you’ve eaten fruit, be especially careful! So you can see if you have an allergic reaction to that food.
  • The best time to start fruit is during puppyhood. This way, you can get used to its taste.
  • Avoid letting your dog eat the seeds of the fruit, they can be toxic to him!

Precautions if you are going to give your dog fruit

One of the basic precautions is … Common sense! And is that any food in excess is bad! However, if you give your dog fruit in its proper measure, you will be providing him with extra fiber, antioxidants, vitamins … Improving his health!

Another of the basic precautions is to give all the food washed, peeled, and cut into large pieces. This way you will avoid drowning problems.

If the fruit has seeds, remove them! This way you will avoid any possible poisoning or digestive problem.

What fruits can dogs eat?

As we always recommend, before giving your pet any food other than feed, check with your vet! Your dog could have an intolerance, illness, etc that advises against these foods.  This way you will avoid possible scares!

Remember! If you plan to give your dog fruit, give him small amounts!

One of the most beneficial fruits for your dog is blueberries!  Although apple and banana, they also provide many antioxidants and fiber.

What fruits can dogs eat

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Fruits can dog eat?

Here you have the complete list of fruits that your dog can eat, without a problem!


It is high in antioxidants. As we mentioned before, it is one of the best fruits for your dog! They also help prevent heart disease. On the other hand, they provide extra vitamin C and fiber.

Do you remember to remove the seeds ?!


They have a high amount of fiber. However, be careful! And is that if you go over … You could cause constipation! On the contrary, if your dog has diarrhea, the banana is the ideal complement!

Don’t forget to peel it off!


Giving your dog apples will help him digest. However, remember to remove the seeds, and they are toxic! They could also cause respiratory problems, allergies, or produce intolerance.


They have many vitamins and… They will help clean your teeth!


If you give your dog a mango, he will love it! It is a sweet fruit with many vitamins and fiber.


Many dogs love this fruit!


This fruit is perfect if you want your dog to have extra vitamin A and E. Besides that, it has diuretic and antioxidant properties.


This fruit is rich in fiber and iron. Perfect to enhance the health of our dog!


Although it is very safe to give plums to dogs, watch out for the seeds!


They are very healthy for dogs, however, do not forget to give only small amounts! The sugar it contains can cause obesity!


They are a great extra source of vitamin C, as well as having many antioxidant properties. Apart from this, it also has diuretic properties.


As you know, this fruit is composed mainly of water, so it is great in hot weather. However, don’t give too much! Remember that it contains fructose, so be careful!

How to give a dog fruit

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How to give fruit to a dog?

fruits can dog eat If you are going to give your dog fruit, it is best to let the vet know. Why is this important? It is essential especially in case of allergies and intolerance

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