Why Should You Try Raised Right Pet Food

As a pet parent, you want the best for your furry BFF, but with commercial pet food mass-produced, you may wonder exactly how much nutrition your pooch is actually getting.

Often dry food may include lots of fillers among the ingredients so that your dog is not getting enough of the high-quality protein necessary.

Searching for dog food that is both high-quality and high protein can make all the difference in your pup’s overall well-being and in dealing with a variety of health issues.

The family-owned pet food company Raised Right has set out to offer pet owners fresh dog food with human-grade ingredients that comprise a reduction of carbohydrates and an increase in protein content.

Why Should You Try Raised Right Pet Food

The Raised Right Company

The company offers 8 different meal choices for adult dogs and several treat options. They also offer food specifically for growing puppies (3 recipes) and felines (4 recipes).

The concept behind the company’s food is to offer a “Home Cooked Style” meal for furry family members.

Braeden Ruud founded the company and has a team that includes veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker, and Steve Brown, an expert in formulating pet food.

Raised Right strives to provide a nutritionally balanced meal that uses only human-grade ingredients. This means your pooch will not experience any nutritional deficiencies due to diet and will get a better tasting meal experience.

The company sources its pet food ingredients within the U.S. and they are inspected to guarantee that ingredients meet human safety standards.

Food is lightly cooked, after which it is tested for pathogens before being packaged, frozen, and sent out for delivery.

The delivery philosophy is that you should get enough meals, so you never run out, but at the same time are not using all your freezer space for your pet.

You receive a frozen home-cooked meal that meets all your dog or cat’s needs. And the company can boast that it has had no recalls of its products to date.

The Benefits

No Additives or Synthetic Supplements with Higher Meat Protein Content

Raised Right includes no additives or synthetic supplements that are commonly found in industrially produced pet foods. The meat protein content is much higher than in commercial brands, as well as in several of the competing fresh pet food brands. Plant protein is not a staple as in many commercial products. Your pet receives a home-cooked meal of farm-fresh ingredients that are human-grade.

No Cooking or Pet Store Runs

When your frozen food is delivered, you keep it in your freezer and just thaw out the day’s meal. It will be ready to serve. No cooking or preparation on your part Is necessary.

Because Raised Right delivers their food to your home, you don’t have to keep track of when you are running low or make trips to the pet store. The company eliminates the stress connected with purchasing pet food in a store.

Mix and Match Recipes and Portions

The company allows you to mix and match recipes so that your pet has variety and not the same flavor every day. They also offer shipping and portion flexibility to meet your specific needs.

The portion flexibility option is quite interesting as the company allows orders of 25% or 50% so that you can add it to your pet’s current kibble if so desired.

Better Food Digestion

Pet parents report that there is also a noticeable difference in stools. They appear smaller in size with less odor. This may be because more of the ingredients are being absorbed by a pet’s body, so there is less waste production.

Recipes with Limited Ingredients

For dogs suffering from food allergies or intolerances, Raised Right’s recipes have limited ingredients with only one source of protein, and carb content is low, so there is a good chance of finding an appropriate recipe.

Ordering Made Easy

When visiting the company website, you are asked to indicate your pet’s weight, activity level, and if you have a weight objective. You then select a custom meal plan with the recipes indicated for your pet. Your final step is to choose a portion size from 25%, 50%, or 100%, and your shipping frequency preference.

Free shipping is available for the 48 continental states while Alaska and Hawaii have an additional cost. Frozen food is delivered to the door in an insulated box with dry ice, so if you’re at work, there’s no need to worry. Packaging is also recyclable or reusable.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

The cost is undoubtedly higher, but you are getting a better-quality product, so hopefully, you’ll spend less time at the veterinarian’s office. Portions are also only offered in a standard 16 oz. size and are not customizable. Delivery may present problems as days cannot be selected or guaranteed.

A Final Consideration

Raised Right offers excellent quality wet pet food that is grain-free and freshly cooked. The animal protein component is impressive indeed. This food merits consideration and is certainly worth having your pet try.

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