How to Choose the Right Dog Car Seat Cover

Pet parents realize that probably the most amazing aspect of imparting your life to your dog has a sidekick with you on fun escapades. We want them to keep us company while shopping and doing other errands.

We drive our dogs to their routine vet visit. But on the other side of the picture is the dreadful clean-up following a pleasant and fun adventure. Dogs enjoy car rides, but there’s no denying the fact that they are messy passengers, right?

If you love to drive around with your dog, you likely realize how fast dog dirt and hair can gather in your vehicle.

Nobody likes to put whatever energy is left in them from their trip into vacuuming out the vehicle and cleaning out any unfavorable mishaps that might have occurred.

To save your vehicle – and your mental stability, you might want to put your resources into a reliable vehicle back seat cover.

Dog seat cover not only protects your car from being covered with fur, from dog scratches, drool, muddy paws, and dog dirt, but it also shows your dog that part of the car is theirs because they know it is put there for them to settle in, plus the amicable scent of the dog seat cover aids your dog in settling down every time your dog hops in the car.

Settling on the right dog seat cover for a specific dog and vehicle requires a bit of research first. There are extensive kinds of dog seat covers that present varieties of advantages depending on the needs, circumstances, and budget.

The following are a few things to remember while picking the best dog seat cover.

Look for Good Quality Material

Whether your vehicle is new or not, we consider it a valued venture and, in all likelihood, use it every day. And you would want to protect your vehicle from your dog’s sharp nails, muddy paws, shed hair, drool, odor, and dog dirt.

Ideally, you need a waterproof cover if you want to protect your leather seats from these inevitable mishaps.

These top-quality dog seat covers for leather seats just might be what you are looking for. They are waterproof and made with high-quality materials to keep your dog comfortable while protecting your car from being covered in fur, in addition to muddy or sloppy pawprints and dog scratches to your leather-based upholstery.

A cover that meets these standard criteria is trouble-free to clean. Make sure you know the difference between waterproof and water-resistant. The latter is tightly woven, making it tough for the liquid to pass through.

However, after a while, the liquid will be able to penetrate your car. Lucky if you catch the accident fast enough, you are able to clean it up before it touches your car. But that would be too troublesome, especially if you’re driving.

While the former makes a better and ideal choice because they do not absorb moisture. This simply means you can clean up the mess without anticipating the liquid penetrating through.

Get The Right Fit

Dog car seat covers are designed to fit most vehicles, and they come in different sizes. Make sure you choose a cover suited for the particular spot your dog will be settling down for a ride.

The most effective way to figure out which size vehicle seat cover will fit is to gauge the width of the seating region of your back seat from door to door. Select one that accommodates your dog cozily so it can settle down with no strain on its body.

Safety Features

Make sure to check whether the cover you consider buying comes with adjustable straps and belts or a seat cover that lets you fasten into the seatbelt so that you attach a car harness for your dog.

This important feature will ensure your dog’s safety on a fun ride. This will also prevent your dog from jumping on your lap while you are driving.

In addition, look for covers with a non-slip backing so that your dog will stay in place every time you hit the brakes and won’t slip and slide during the ride.

Look for Comfort

Look for dog seat covers that offer a lot of protection features for your car and provide comfort for your fur babies. Look for quilted or padded covers with waterproof layers. Your dog will thank you for that.

Easy to Clean Covers

When buying dog seat covers, in addition to having high-quality materials, ensure that they are also easy to clean.

You would want to have the option of tossing your dog seat cover in the washing machine – however, don’t expect to have the option to machine dry, or at the very least, be able to clear off any mess and dirt by vacuuming the seat cover or cleaning it down with a wet cloth.

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